Valet Trash

Trash Valet is Easy: The residents of your apartment properties or condominiums place their trash into  designated trash containers.  Valetboyz 1st Class Team collects the trash from their door at a pre-selected time. Virtually removing the hassle and strain placed on your residents having to transfer waste to the dumpster or compactor

Door -to- Door or Door StepValet Trash Services for your complex will remove your residents need to take their garbage across the parking lot by hand. What a relief to know rain or shine, sleet or snow that this need will be taken care of! Valetboyz 1st Class  DoorStep Waste Removal Services also can provide you with an additional income stream along with reducing your net operating expense! Our Multi-Family Trash pick-up service makes the lives of residents and staff easier. It is paramount  to resident retention and increasing your ROI.

Green Valet

Valet Trash Services have constantly been voted the #1 community amenity. Most residents  in the US said they wanted doorstep valet trash & recycling removal. Today’s renters are choosier. Inconvenience of lugging trash is a Deal Breaker!  Valet Trash DoorStep Waste Removal Services provide a strong connection to your residents’ lifestyles. Many renters are former home owners who have become accustomed to and are looking for single-family type trash & recycling options. Valet Trash provides great all-inclusive benefits that your property should use to increase marketability.

We work to build lasting relationships based on excellent, consistent service.  We bring together our knowledge  and the benefits of our waste experience in the commercial, industrial, & residential arena. This puts Valetboyz  in a unique position where answers are easily identified,  execution is  monitored, and learning shared. This combination produces a big win for Multi-Family clients.

As members of Multiple Apartment Associations, business organizations, Chambers of Commerce we listened, and applied solutions for the best interest of both Residents and Management.. Our turn-key options in the Valet Trash industry make us flexible enough to aid you and your properties! ValetBoyz 1st Class Door to Door Trash & Recycling Removal are Specialized, Considerate, and Dependable.