Special Offer!

We are a VALET waste & recycling vendor service provider serving the South & North Carolina areas in the apartment communities. We are a new company looking for opportunities to partner with property owners and their managers concerning their waste and recycling program & solutions. Our niche is doorstep waste & recycling. Here is an outline of our service, benefits and its reward.

  1. Remove waste from apartment unit/doorstep.
  2. Pick up loose trash from around doorstep, breeze ways and curbside.
  3. Remove all recycling items/ medium to small boxes, bagged plastic bottles.
  4. Remove waste from common areas: pools, tennis court and playground. (optional)
  5. Clean around trash compactor/ dumpster area.
  6. Keep tenants from storing trash on balconies and in hallways.
  7. Free trash containers, with free two week trial survey.
  8. Increase rental retention and owners profit margins through our unit/doorstep fee.
  9. Provide services Monday through Friday.

We are a locally owned company in the North and South Carolina areas and can be reached 24 hours 7 days a week. . We would also like to schedule a 30 minute presentation, and meet with your staff. Our office # is (704))252-2987