Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any certifications or groups that you are apart of that could support your reputation?

Our company is registered and certified by Compliance Depot and we are members in good standing of the Greater Charlotte Apartment Association.

How much experience does VALETBOYZ have?

We are aware that door-step trash removal, or valet trash service is a relatively new service industry offering. However our team, has been involved in the industry since its inception. Our leadership team has over 10 years experience in valet trash service, and our wish is to demonstrate to you the benefits of our unique combination of experience and service.

What about things we need removed that aren’t “Trash” like appliances, bushes, old electronics etc. Residents wish to get rid of things like this also?

No problem. We have a Junk Removal service that can be scheduled to remove appliances, bulk items, and just about anything that isn’t recyclable nor considered trash. However we cannot remove hazardous materials.

We already pay a maintenance staff and part of their job is clean up of the premises, and around the dumpsters, why would we add your company to do their job?

Wow, good question.  The 1st thing we offer is a valued service for your tenants that is above the norm. Door step trash removal is not something your staff does nor do they have the time to do this with their other responsibilities. Secondly we stay abreast of current sanitation and disposal codes and laws and make sure you are always in compliance and can avoid fines. Third would be the hauling away and removal of debris, Junk etc. that we provide.  Additionally we are a great support of your staff by cleaning, debris, things left in the parking lot, and cleaning by the dumpsters, our presence can grant you a new revenue stream, and give your maintenance team additional time and availability for quicker responses, to your residents.

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